Money saving tips for your Debutante Ball!

Doing your debutante ball can become a little bit expensive, especially for girls. First there is the dress, we all know how easy it is to get carried away with that one! Then hair, make-up, shoes, gifts, etc. So to help you keep the cost down and in turn, make your debutante ball more enjoyable by alleviating the stress, we have compiled a list of our top tips for saving money!

Make group bookings: Hair and Make-up artists will often give good discounts if you are booking in as a group. Plus it will be a fabulous day out for all the girls! We have found a great mood board on Pinterest packed full of Debutante’s inspiration

Book early – Sometimes, you can secure great deals just by being organised and booking early on. When it comes to transportation for your Debutante Ball; limos and party buses get booked out fast.If you split the cost between your group, it can work out really affordable. Our friends at VIP Bus have a special deal for our 2014 debutante ball participants

Buy good shoes. This might not sound like money-saving advice, but every year we see girls buy shoes with really high heels or platforms, only to then find they can’t dance in them, or they hurt. Save yourself from having to buy a second pair and go for the sensible option!

If you are looking to wear jewellery with your gown, shop around and go for costume jewellery rather than the real thing. There are lots of companies now that recreate jewellery that is seen on the red carpet and is a fraction of the price. We like the re-creations made at Hollywood Style

The Dress. This is without a doubt the most costly part of your debutante ball. Try and work out a budget and stick to it! Easier said than done, we know! Try going for a dress that has a little less detail, this can sometimes reduce the price tag.
We affiliate with some fabulous vendors in Geelong and Pearls & Roses Bridal have a fantastic selection of Debutante gowns at really reasonable prices, check it out!

Giving a gift to your deb partner is a wonderful gesture and way to thank them for participating in this journey with you. These gifts can be all the more sentimental if they are handmade, not to mention lighter on the pocket. There are some fabulous ideas over at The Makery Blog

Having your after party at someone’s house is considerably less expensive than going out into town or even hiring somewhere, plus you can decorate the house to match the theme of your debutante ball. How fun!

We are sure that if you follow some of our simple tips for saving your hard-earned cash, that you will have a fabulous time and will still have money left over for a post-debutante pamper session!