In an effort to enhance the safety and welfare of all patrons, and to provide an enjoyable experience for all, IGBY PRODUCTIONS kindly requests that all patrons please note that entry into these premises constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of the Conditions Of Entry as stated below.

  • All Patrons may be required to be searched upon entry. Clothing and bags will be searched and refusal to allow such will result in the refusal of entry to the venue.
  • All Patrons may be required to present ID. IGBY PRODUCTIONS accepts Photo Drivers License, Passport, or any government approved ID displaying the “Prove It” hologram.
  • A Compulsory Cloakroom operates in this venue. All coats, Jackets, etc., and bags (larger than clutch or handbag size) must be left with the Cloakroom prior to entry into the main areas of the venue.
  • No Alcohol, Drugs or Illegal Substances are to be brought into these premises.
  • Alcohol Breathalysers are in Operation. IGBY PRODUCTIONS reserves the right to administer a breathalyser test as a condition of entry. Anyone less than 18 years of age found positive will be refused entry; anyone refusing to take a breathalyser test will also be refused entry.
  • Anybody who is seen to be under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or are found with either substance on their person will be refused entry to the venue
  • Anybody who is seen to be intoxicated will be refused service at the bar and may be asked to vacate the premises.
  • Anybody who is seen to be drunken or disorderly will be asked to vacate the premises.
  • Smoking is only permitted within the assigned smoking saloon  area of the venue – anybody found smoking anywhere else within the venue may be escorted out of the premises.
  • For the enjoyment of all there is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in this venue. All patrons will vacate the premises when requested to do so.
  • The venue, staff and all other patrons are to be treated with respect at all times.
  • Admission will only be granted to individuals who are attired in a manner deemed acceptable by IGBY PRODUCTIONS.
  • In the interest of the safety of all patrons, when anyone under the age of 18 is asked to vacate the premises, parents/guardians will be contacted to collect their charges. If parents/guardians cannot be contacted, the under aged patron will be placed in the protective custody of the police.
  • Applicable laws require that patrons under the age of 18 must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult at all times while on the premises.

On exiting the building after an event, we aim to promote a safe, calm and quick exit and dispersal from the venue. 

PLEASE NOTE that all of the abovementioned conditions are at the dIscretion of IGBY PRODUCTIONS, we reserve all rights in relation to this venue and event. IGBY PRODUCTIONS reserves the right to refuse admission to, as well as eject anybody from, these premises.